Magazines, leaflets, books, calendars, folding boxes
and corrugated cases.

Impression offers a wide range of printed materials.

Short run magazines and books can be printed digitally or on sheet fed presses. Larger runs are usually printed from reels of paper as it is more cost effective to print and fold in one pass.

We can produce work on materials ranging from “thinprint” 50gsm for pharmaceutical leaflets up to corrugated or litho laminated box board with a multitude of weights and finishes in between.

It would take many pages to list the variety of materials and finishes available. Your best bet is to contact us and give us details of your job, we can manufacture to your specification or, if we have a more effective alternative we can advise on that.

Cost savings.

Sometimes it can be something as simple as increasing a page count from 28 to 32 pages. This was the experience of Mitsubishi Electric Ireland with their promotional brochure. Increasing the page count by 4 meant we could print and fold in one pass on a reel fed press saving approximately 15% on the cost of the finished brochure.

For odd sizes, if the run warrants it, we can order a tailor made paper from Sweden or Norway and make savings there.

For large format print runs on AO size sheets we have an arrangement with a company in France (there are no A0 litho printers in Ireland and UK AO printers are very expensive) that will supply us with litho printed AO sheets at very competitive rates.

We could go on with examples but you get the idea, contact us with your details and we will let you know pretty quickly if you are getting a good or bad deal from your current supplier.